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  to appreciate and empower mothers to contribute effectively to global development. We aim to bring women into the mainstream of development using a comprehensive approach.  
Motherhood Appreciation Project
  Appreciation: MAP is a framework that uses creative channels to assist individuals, organizations, communities to appreciate a deserving woman. These channels include new and social media. Appreciating mothers have been our outmost priority as an organization. We provide the platform for showing our sincerest gratitude for motherhood. We make them see how they are worth in our lives. Every year, MAP targets and send messages to thousand of women to appreciate and encourage them through our SMS portal.

  Training: We implement projects related to developing entrepreneurship skills, health, home management, financial control, leadership training, and Income generating activities so that mothers realize their potential in contributing towards national development.

  Advocacy: We campaign on women and girls related issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, the role of working mothers, teenage pregnancy, single mothers, etc. We create an awareness and better understanding among women and the public on the issues of violence against women and the underlying inequalities. MAP advocates for better treatment for women and children. We undertake public education and advocates for law reform in many areas of women's human rights.

  Education: Every child has the right to education but not all are educated or have access to quality education. "If you educate a man, you educate an individual but if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation" Dr. Kwegyiri Aggrey. On this basis, we develop young girls who are potential mothers with the right knowledge and skills to educate a nation. Our strategy is to develop young and potential mothers by giving them support through school and other vocations of choice.

  Marketing: To improve the socio-economic status of women especially single mothers, we have established an online shop, the MAPstore – , to assist with the collection, distribution and marketing of products produced by mothers from their training sections. We market products such as bags, beads, dresses, hats, slippers, books, paintings, and drawings, from women groups to sustain their income sources and support their families. Our desire is to market products of same or related supplies in support of the project. Not only do we sell for our women, our store is open to the public. Each time you buy from the MAPstore, you give five (5%) percent to the MAP Fund which helps in running and maintaining the projects.