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  to appreciate and empower mothers to contribute effectively to global development. We aim to bring women into the mainstream of development using a comprehensive approach.  
Motherhood Appreciation Project

Motherhood Appreciation Project (MAP) is a non-governmental organization that aims at helping you express your sincerest and honest value for a woman who is a biological mother, foster mother, step mother, wife, mother of a child or children, and grandmother. Starting from Ghana, we intend to expand our frontiers to draw on the synergy of women globally. Through our commitment to collaboration and creativity, our work takes us into the heart of children, mothers, fathers, parents, guardians, families and communities.

We help mothers and families to reconcile, appreciate each other and improve upon their socio-economic conditions. We aim at working with individuals, families, non-profitable and profitable organisations, and a variety of local and international partners for a common good, whilst maintaining our independence from political and religious orientation.

MAP – a vehicle that helps you appreciate a MOTHER!

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